Penny Benefits from Physical Rehabilitation

penny fortneyPenny is an adorable 4 year old miniature Dachshund who came to us in October of 2014 after being hit by a car. In that accident, she sustained a broken pelvis and neurological damage to her hind limbs. Penny had two surgeries in August and September, and had a lot of work ahead of her to rebuild the muscle strength in her rear limbs and to improve her flexibility and coordination. With selfless dedication to her recovery by her foster care provider, Marcia, and a combination of home strengthening and stretching exercises and regular visits for underwater treadmill work and cold laser treatments, Penny is now mobile again and back to being a happy young dog.  She has regained much of her flexibility and mobility and is now able to use all four legs again. Despite her debilitating injuries, Penny never lost her loving and bubbly personality, and because of her tenacious spirit, giving up was never an option. Penny has since “graduated” from the rehab center and was adopted into her forever family. Her new owners say she is doing great and even runs on the beach during their many family outings.