Romeo – Spinal Surgery Recovery Aided by Hydrotherapy, Cold Laser and Acupuncture

Romeo is a 5 year old French bulldog and, as his name suggests, is quite the ladies’ man. He came to us in July of 2013 after surgery to address a traumatic spinal injury that left his rear limbs paralyzed. Romeo and his family worked diligently with us to get Romeo back to his adventurous and active self through hydrotherapy, cold laser, and acupuncture treatments as well as an at-home exercise regimen. Romeo was coming along nicely in his recovery when KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAhe suffered a second spinal injury and had to have another surgical procedure done in May of 2014. Since the second surgery, Romeo’s recovery has exceeded our expectations. He is comfortable, is able to get around without assistance and play, play, play. He has scheduled time outs to keep him from overdoing it with toys and squirrel chasing. Romeo continues to visit Dr.Carpenter for chiropractic care and works on his exercises at home.